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Guide Wire
Radifocus® Glidewire Advantage™
  • Core material Nitinol
  • Shaft Extra-stiff
  • Proximal Shaft Spiral-cut PTFE, 155, 235, 275 cm
  • Distal Shaft Hydrophilic M CoatTM, 25 cm
  • ​Tip shapes Angled
Product Details


Hybrid Technology For Outstanding Performance

Glidewire Advantage is dedicated to all peripheral intervention levels, from sheath placement to ilio-femoro-popliteal and below-the-knee treatments.

It combines maneuverability, crossability and device support to reach and cross the target lesion.






Superior Tactile Feedback1

 - Proximal spiral-cut PTFE structure enables a firm grip on guidewire shaft for steerability and comfortable handling

Best in Class Trackability2,

 - Distal 25 cm of the original Radifocus Guide Wire M gives you the M CoatTM performance you trust

Improved Crossability1

 - More pushability and kink resistance with extra stiff proximal Nitinol shaft, even in complex lesions

Improved Platform for Interventional Devices1

 - Extra stiff Nitinol shaft provides additional device support
 - Proximal spiral PTFE coating limits surface contact within catheter lumen, reducing friction and improving trackability over the guidewire




General specifications



Core material Nitinol
Shaft Extra-stiff
Outer diameter 0.014" (0.36mm+ 0.00 mm)*, 0.018" (0.46 mm + 0.00 mm)*, 0.035" (0.89 mm + 0.00 mm)*
Overall length 180, 260, 300 cm
Proximal Shaft Spiral-cut PTFE, 155, 235, 275 cm
Distal Shaft Hydrophilic M CoatTM, 25 cm



*Nominal OD + upper tolerance, reflecting Maximal OD







1 Compared to Radifocus® Guide Wire M. 

2 Niazi K, Farooqi F, Devireddy C. Comparison of Hydrophilc Guidewires Used in Endovascular Procedures. Journal of Invasive Cardiology. 2009; 21:397-400. 

3 Compared to competition. Data on file.