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Guide Wire
Radifocus® Guide Wire GT
Product Details



Radifocus Guidewire GT is Terumo’s solution for access and navigation in peripheral and cerebral procedures.

It is indicated for use in distal catheterization, selective, and superselective embolization in small, distal, angular, and sensitive peripheral and neurological vasculature.




-Super elastic nitinol core features an excellent shape memory, flexibility, and kink resistance for swift device exchange

-Radiopaque polyurethane jacket for good fluoroscopic visibility and controlled navigation

-Improved visibility of the tip under fluoroscopy due to the distal gold coil1

-Small diameters and distal pre-shaped curves were chosen with superselective access in distal and tortuous vessels in mind

-The tapered tip is designed to be highly flexible for atraumatic and controlled navigation through vessels

-Hydrophilic "M" polymer coating for frictionless endovascular steerability and trackability

-One-piece construction with one-to-one torque transmission for predictable navigation



General specifications


Core material

Nitinol with distal 2 cm gold coil

Radiopaque jacket

Polyurethane layer incorporating tungsten salts

Hydrophilic coating

M Coat

Guidewire diameters

0.012" / 0.014" 

Guidewire lengths

150 cm / 180 cm

Distal flexible lengths

25 cm / 35 cm

Distal curves

45° / 70° / 90°

Unit per box



 *Nominal OD + upper tolerance, reflecting Maximal OD